Unbalanced hormones levels affect hair follicles

Menopause is a significant period in the life of every woman out there. Around this time, most ladies go through essential and noticeable changes that affect both their bodies and their mental health. One of these modifications regards hormone production, which affects all bodily functions including hair growth and follicle health. Here is how this hormonal imbalance can affect you too!

Thinning hair

The fluctuation of hormone levels changes the way a woman looks. You can tell so by her thinning hair, which loses luster and thickness, especially around the crown. This process starts in the first months of menopause, and although some of the strands may grow back eventually, your mane will never regain its youthful appearance without proper help.

Your best choice in reducing menopause and hormonal imbalance effects on the health of your hair is to supply your body with more nutrients. In this regard, you cannot go wrong with dietary supplement pills like FollicleRX, which is an entirely organic solution for hair loss issues in women.


Another side effect of hormonal imbalance is the discoloration of your mane. As you grow old, more and more white strands will appear on your head. This is the result of depigmentation and a noticeable effect of low hormone production.

Bald Spots

Menopause may also bring you the unpleasant view of bald spots on your scalp. The first ones usually appear around the crown area and the temples. In these regions, the follicles have entered a dormant stage, and they may remain that way if you do not increase nutrient intake. A good way to do so is to choose, if possible, the best shampoo for hair loss available in South Africa. A bit of research never hurts anyone. AND you need to act quickly. Actually, it is better to constantly feed your follicles with nutrients – prevention better than treatment, right?

Stress and mood swings

Hormonal imbalance is responsible for mood oscillations that most women experience during menopause. Unfortunately, a high level of stress can also contribute to more hair loss and accelerate the deterioration of your mane. Without proper nutrition, you risk losing most of your crowning glory before you even reach your golden years.