The sensuality of the woman is reflected not only in the shape of her body, her pretty clothes and subtle perfumes, but also in her eyes – and its luscious lashes. The enhancement of the eyes has always stood out since ancient times in the history of humankind. From kings, queens, emperors, and pharaohs to Hollywood actresses, all of whom have a prominent position to highlight their eyes and want their eyes to be their mark. However, there is an explanation as to why eyes are so fascinating.

Various means have been developed to enhance them, from eyeliner to eyelash lengthening, false eyelashes (which may be permanent or not), among other options. Idol Lash comes in the form of whey and contains only natural ingredients that do not irritate the eyes or the surrounding eye skin. Its formula has been developed to lengthen, thicken, brighten and moisturize your eyelashes, making them very beautiful.

What makes Idol Lash so special?

Idol Lash

The ingredients include water, glycerin, alfalfa extract, honey, arnica extract, chamomile extract, seaweed extract, wheat, hydrolyzed keratin, linoleic acid, sulfur, bitter orange flower oil, jojoba seed oil, polysorbate and so much more

Speaking more of the formula, we can say that it is a series of associations that can be divided into three major groups:

– Polypeptides, which help increase the length, thickness, and volume. The polypeptides still provide adequate fall protection.

– Proteins and vitamins, which help to revitalize and fortify. Panthenol and rich minerals join forces to help enhance lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that give strength, shine and enhancement to every single lash, whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned.

– Hydrating and rejuvenating agents, which also help to add brilliance and flexibility. Idol Lash contains unique moisturizing agents provide extreme moisture for eyelashes, blocking moisture, improving elasticity and durability.