It’s hard to know someone who never had dark circles under his eyes. And as much as they do not leave a very pleasing appearance on the face, these dark circles that form below the eyes have a scientific explanation that goes beyond the bad night sleep, the stress of the day to day and the fatigue that takes care of each one of us. So the question is: do you know what favors the appearance of these dark marks below or around your eyes?! No? So be sure to check out this article to understand much more about dark circles.

How Revitol Eye Cream helps you look smooth


Having beautiful skin around the eyes is now possible thanks to Revitol Eye Cream. To get a sense, the surface of the eye contour has an average of 0.5 millimeters thick, while the skin on other parts of the body usually measures about 2 millimeters. Thanks to its rich composition. Revitol Eye Cream contains natural ingredients that moisturize skin, adds elasticity and also makes sure the color is improved, helping with blood circulation.

To understand more about dark circles, we also need to remember that light-skinned people seem to have blue veins because the subcutaneous tissue and skin allow only the wavelengths corresponding to blue and violet to pass through them. In people with darker skin, the veins may look green or brown, while in very light people – like the albinos – we see a color closer to that of the blood, which seems purple or dark red. Either way, Revitol Eye Cream is the perfect solution if you have been looking for a high-quality product that is 100% safe, effective and natural to get rid of dark circles or bags under your eyes.