Although vaginal dryness affects anyone and at any age, it usually occurs when a woman reaches her perimonopausal and menopausal stage, and it can result in itches, pains and discomfort, often during intercourse. Before the menopausal phase, the decrease in oestrogen hormones causes the vagina to become less moisturised, which result in its dryness and it getting thinner than usual. It may not seem serious, but vaginal dryness may impact on a woman’s sex life, as she is keen to develop pains during intercourse. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of this issue. Continue to read on and discover the causes of vaginal dryness, and you can succeed to restore your vaginal elasticity.

Causes of vaginal dryness

V-tight gel for vaginal dryness

The most common cause of vaginal dryness is definitely menopause; during this stage, the woman’s body undergoes a drop in her oestrogen hormones, which causes the vagina to become dry.

Moreover, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, the use of anti-oestrogen medications, contraception medications can also be causes of vaginal dryness.

Remedies for vaginal dryness

If you would like to get rid of your vaginal dryness and get your elasticity and lubrication back, here are some of the remedies you can try.

Use moisturizers and lubricants

The use of natural moisturizers and lubricants can help you get rid of vaginal dryness and restore your elasticity. For women who wish to go natural, the use of olive oil or coconut oil for example will be of great help since they both are hydrating and nurturing and composed with vitamin E.

Other lubricants like V-Tight Gel can be found at local pharmacies and at the manufacturer website here:, and they are great measures to, provided they are water-based lubricants.

Taking care of your diet

A good diet is not only beneficial for health and the body; it also plays a role in the dryness or flexibility of the vagina. Foods such as seeds, tofu, nuts, soy milk, salmon, mackerel, tuna etc. are good choices to help reduce vaginal dryness.

Wear comfortable underwear

Most types of lingerie are mar made with synthetic and non breathable fabrics and materials. Although they look cute and sexy, getting used to wearing them will result in the creation of the perfect environment for the development of bacteria, and consequently infections.

These synthetic fabrics usually rub against the vagina and its surroundings, and do not actually allow air access. Underwear made from fabrics like cotton are advisable to help get rid of vaginal dryness.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is also important to help avoid vaginal dryness. Exercise is not only good for your health; it also helps stimulate blood flow in all parts of your body, including your genital parts.

Regular sex

Although vaginal dryness can make you not want to have sex, it is actually a great way of avoiding the dryness. As a matter of fact, when you are aroused, blood circulation increases in your vaginal tissues, which stimulates lubrication, and avoids dryness. Therefore, it is important you make sure you are aroused before any sexual activity, to enjoy it, while combating dryness at the same time.