Baldness is one of the most stressful factors in men as it can be seen in this academic report, especially young men or those who never let their youth go away. On the other hand, it is normal for the hair to fall while combing, but one should worry when it begins to lose hair without combing. However, it can be prevented or controlled using various solutions found on the market today. Profollica is indeed one of the best of these solutions. Made in the USA, this product, which happens to be a true success in Brazil, is a 3-part anti-hair loss kit designed to deal with hair loss in men.

The Profollica treatments bring users a shampoo, an activator gel and an extra nutritional supplement that is bound to provide the desired results. Although men statistically have more baldness cases than women, women can also experience hair loss to some extent, and Profollica is safe for them as well. Made with the best quality ingredients, the system attacks hair loss in three different ways.

How does Profollica work?


The product is designed to work in different ways; after all, it is made out of three items that together provide a wonderful result. First, the daily supplement Profollica strengthens the body with the nutrients, enzymes, proteins, amino acids and herbal extracts that help control the production of DHT, the hormones that caused hair loss in the first place. Thanks to its incredible nutrients, you will have your hair follicles brought to life once again, bringing up brand new hairs in no time. This product is natural and completely safe; therefore no side effects exist. This is evidenced by the numerous clinical tests performed by various health agencies all over the world, proving this product to be safe and effective.